DHM101-Deliverance 101-Core Course-3.0 Units

This is a comprehensive course introducing the ministry of Jesus Christ through deliverance and healing.  It will examine foundational principles of deliverance according to scripture, and help students look personally into the strongholds in their own lives.  This course is foundational for all courses in deliverance and healing, and will dispel all fears and erroneous teaching regarding this most needed and neglected ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It will prepare the church to step into a much needed ministry in order to fulfill the Great Commission.   It is recommended  that persons have had basic prayer and intercession, and even some spiritual warfare background and experience.
Required Textbook:  Deliverance 101 by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green and Pigs in the Parlor by Frank and Ida Hammond, 10 Weeks

DHM102–Financial Deliverance 101-Core Course-3.0 Units
This course will activate God’s righteous principles for finances and wealth, and equip believers with lifelong skills to build and rebuild their financial witness in the world.  This course will expose error and unsound doctrine released from the prosperity gospel, and help believers recover from financial hardship.  This course will encourage and raise up a new generation of visionaries, dreamers, Christian philanthropist, and millionaires that God can trust while confronting demonic generational strongholds and poverty mentalities.
Required Reading:  Financial Deliverance by Bishop Jackie L. Green and the textbook “Money, Possessions and Eternity” by Randy Alcorn, 10 Weeks

DHM103- Deliverance Team Training-Manual-Core Course-3.0 Units
This course equips pastors and leaders in ministering healing and deliverance, while building teamwork skills in deliverance workers.  This course will focus on techniques and do’s and don'ts in working with people an unclean spirits, will teach deliverance principles of Jesus Christ, and will impart compassion and passion to set the captives free.  This course will answer 50 frequently asked questions about demons, deliverance, fears, concerns, and ministry protocol in deliverance.
Required Reading:  Deliverance Team Training Manual by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green and They Shall Expel Demons by Derek Prince and Demon Hit List by John Eckhardt, 10 Weeks

DHM105-Deliverance from the Spirit of Rejection-Core Course-3.0 Units
This is the greatest undiagnosed and hidden demon in the church today.  Rejection is the root of many demonic issues even before we are born. Every leader, believer, pastor, preacher needs this course.  We must get to the place that we know we are not rejected, but accepted by God.  This is a powerful course that every deliverance worker needs.
Required Reading:  The Three Legs of Rejection by Apostle Ivory Hopkins and Excuse Me, Your Rejection is Showing by Noel and Phyl Gibson, 10 Weeks

DHM113-House of Deliverance Manual-Core Course-3.0 Units

In the ministry of deliverance Apostle Ivory Hopkins has come across people’s homes that are contaminated by demonic manifestation to the point of needing to be prayed over, but the success of freeing the family from these spirits can only be achieved by God’s divine intervention.  Trying to rid a house of demons by using occult, new-age methods in most cases only leads to greater demonic activity.   The Word of God clearly says a house divided against itself cannot stand.  If you use Satan to cast out Satan you only end up with Satan (Mat 12:25-26).  This course is essential for believers, deliverance workers, and those that are bound by unclean spirits in their homes or other dwellings.  
Required Readings:  House Deliverance by Apostle Ivory Hopkins and Ridding Your Home of Spiritual Darkness by Chuck D. Pierce and Deliverance From Evil Spirits by Francis MacNutt, 10 Weeks

​SG101-  Spiritual Gifts 101- The Gifted Church, Core Course-3.0 Units
This course will explore the giftedness of Believers in the local church, biblical order, and usage of spiritual gifts, and identify problems with those that are immature or ignorant of spiritual gifts.
Required Reading:  The Gifted Church by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green, 10 Weeks


Lead101–Leadership 101-Core Course-3.0 Units
Leadership 101 is the first of four courses offered to strengthen and mobilize leadership in the local church, marketplace, and every place where leadership skills are required.  For seasoned leaders it is a great refresher course in the leadership styles of Jesus, and the types of “inward evaluation” that every leader needs to revisit.  It is an excellent course for training and shaping new leaders.  This ten week course has been prepared for personal or group study, for it puts leaders on the “potters wheel” to be shaped and even remodeled by the Master.
Required Textbook:  Leadership 101 by Bishop Jackie Green and The Making of a Leader by Frank Damazi, 10 Weeks

Lead102-Leadership 102-Keeping Leadership Pure-Core Course-3.0 Units-(Preq. Leadership 101)

This course will deal with the areas in the leader’s life that will challenge their integrity and spiritual growth.  Students will examine unhealthy leadership styles, dynamics for couples in ministry, women in leadership, wounds and betrayal, sexual misconduct, personality disorders in leaders, and demons at work and assigned to leadership.  Healing wounded leaders is the goal as well as building discernment in new and seasoned leaders.
Required Textbook:  Leadership 102 by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green, First Class Leaders by Dr. Bernard Grant (50 Principles), 10 Weeks


NT101-Book of Acts-Core Course-3.0 Units
The book of Acts will deal with the birth of the Church, the Acts of the Apostles, and Acts of the Holy Spirit in building our faith.
Textbook:  The Book of Acts by Bishop Jackie Green, 10 Weeks

NT102-Gospel of Mark (ABC’s of Deliverance)-Core Course-3.0 Units
The Gospel of Mark will lay foundation for the miracle and deliverance ministry of Christ, and teach divine principles of “balanced deliverance.”
Textbook:  The Gospel of Mark, the ABC’s of Deliverance by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green, 10 Weeks


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PRAY101-Get a Prayer Life Reloaded–Core Course-3.0 Units                    
Every believer and leader needs to take this course to lay foundation and equip believers in their understanding of the lifestyle of  intercessors, priests and watchmen of the Lord; This course will break the strongholds of prayerlessness, and study the various types and methods of prayer and intercession.  It will teach and train on the different prayer formations and strategies, help churches, ministries and students discover their prayer assignments, while activating the prayer lives of believers that are struggling with prayer discipline and enjoying their prayer life.  This course will also raise up strong intercessors and build prayer armies for the Lord.  This course is the first step to building a House of Prayer.
Supplemental  Book:  Prayer is Invading the Impossible, by Jack Hayford, 10 Weeks                                        

PRAY102-Lifestyle of Fasting and Prayer Reloaded-Core Course-3.0 Units  
To discover and study the biblical guidelines for fasting and prayer and encourage the discipline of fasting in our daily lives, and as a church or ministry.  This course will help students understand how fasting and prayer is a tool of spiritual warfare, while examining the types of prayer and fasting in scripture as well as the benefits, pitfalls and problems of fasting and prayer.  This course will teach on the benefits of individual and corporate fasts, explore principles found in the Book of Daniel on fasting and prayer, while restoring the discipline of a fasted life.  This course will also help connect the discipline of fasting and prayer to power of casting out demons and building a deliverance ministry. 
Supplemental Book:  Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough by Elmer Towns, 10 Weeks


SW101-KINGDOM Warrior 101-Core Course-3.0 Units
Prerequisites: PRAY 101 and PRAY 102. This course will activate the “warrior spirit” and equip believers in the knowledge and strategies of spiritual warfare in everyday life, while gaining revelation of the battles in the Bible, and how to apply those strategies to everyday life.  This course will help identify and equip leaders and believers to deal with personal and corporate enemies, and learn about the devices and strategies of (Satan), the enemy of God and the Church.  This course will raise up spiritual warriors through spiritual disciplines, strategies, impart a greater level discernment in the Body of Christ, and increase one's arsenal of spiritual weapons.
Supplemental Reading:  End Time Warriors by John Kelly, 10 Weeks


TH101- Jesus Christ 101-Core Course-3.0 Units

A foundational study of Jesus Christ’ manhood, messiahship, ministry, message, miracles, murder and mysteries.  This course is part one.  It is a must for preachers, pastors, church leaders, and those that will disciple others.  It will build one’s personal relationship with the Lord Jesus as they come to “know Him.”  This course will cover an extensive to see what the student really knows about Jesus, a study of His Name, genealogy, earthy family and temptations.  Students will examine the 12 and 70 disciples Jesus chose, as well as His prayer and preaching life.  Course ends with a exploration of how Christ felt about women, children and outcasts.
Required  Reading:  The Story of the Christ by Scot McKnight, 12 Weeks

TH102-Jesus Christ 102-Core Course-3.0 Units
A foundational study of Jesus Christ’ manhood, messiahship, ministry, message, miracles, murder and mysteries.  This course is part two.  The next 12 weeks will cover the miracles of Jesus, Christ and demons, rules for the Father’s House, Parables, and the enemies of Christ.  Students will examine some of the hard sayings of Jesus, the upper room, His betrayal, arrest, trial and crucifixion.  Course will examine the resurrection, days following the resurrection, the Great Commission, and His ascension and position at the right hand of  the Father.
Required Reading:  Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die by John Piper, 12 Weeks

TH105-Foundations of Christian Doctrine-Core Course-3.0 Units
In a time of apostasy, this foundational course explores the essential doctrines of scripture, and how to discern false doctrine.  This course will build the student’s discernment in the New Age times that we live in, and understanding why people are falling away from sound doctrine.
Required Reading:  Learning to Discern Essential Doctrines, False Doctrines and Apostasy (A Study in the Book of Jude) by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green, 10 Weeks


O.T101-Book of Genesis–Core Course- 3.0 Units
This class will lay crucial foundation for the rest of the Bible.  It will cover:

1) The creation of the universe (1:1-2:3).

2) Description of the garden of Eden (2:4-17).

3) The creation of woman (2:18-25 ).

4) The fall of man (ch. 3).

5) Cain and Abel (ch. 4).

6) The generations from Adam to Noah (ch. 5).  This section is characterized by the extreme longevity of the persons noted.

7) A description of the wickedness which moved God to commission Noah to build and enter the ark, together with the details concerning the ark, the flood, and the post-deluvian events of Noah's life (6-9).

8 ) The ancient families of mankind, as they descended from Noah (ch. 10).  It will focus on the patriarchs through the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.
Required Reading:  Book of Genesis by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green, 10 Weeks

O.T.102-Book of Exodus-Core Course-3.0 Units
The Book of Exodus is crucial to understanding God and His relationship with His covenant people, and the deliverance of the Israelites out of Egypt.  Course will cover:

1) The sufferings of Israel; A manifestation of God's providential guidance of Israel, illustrated by the ten plagues (7:8-13:16).  

2)  The account of the observance of the first Passover (ch. 12).  

3) The guiding of the people of Sinai (13:17-18:27), the making of the covenant at Sinai, together with the reception of the Ten Commandments (19:1-24:18). The laws recorded in this section regulated the religious, civil, and social life of the Israelites.

4) Directions for the building of the tabernacle (24:18-31:18).  

5) The renewing of the covenant after the sinful actions of the Israelites in connection with the making of the golden calf (32:1-35:3) and the actual building and dedication of the tabernacle of the Lord.
Required textbook:  The Book of Exodus by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green, 10 Weeks


TH103-Living in the Kingdom 101-Core Course-3.0 Units
Excellent introduction to life in God’s Kingdom. Course will cover entrance, life in the Kingdom, laws of the Kingdom, benefits of the Kingdom, and warfare that comes with Kingdom living on earth.
Required Reading: Living in the Kingdom 101 by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green and   The Kingdom Agenda by Dr. Tony Evans, 12 Weeks

TH104-Living in the Kingdom 102-Core Course-3.0 Units
This course is a continuation of Living in the Kingdom 101.  It unveils greater depth to understanding the Kingdom of God, as well as the Kingdom of Darkness.
Required Reading:  Living in the Kingdom 102 by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green and Applying the Kingdom by Dr. Myles Munroe, 10 Weeks


B101-Introduction to the Bible-Core Course-3.0 Units 
This course will help students delve into the deep mysteries and revelation of the Bible.  Students will learn scripture, and develop good Bible Study habits and skills in ministering the Word of God and applying it to everyday life.   It will also help students appreciate the Bible and how we got our Bible today.
Required Reading:  Bible Scholars 101 by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green (Free) and the Complete Guide to the Bible by Stephen Miller, 10 Weeks
Suggested Helps:  Understanding the Bible, a Quick Source Guide by Kendell H. Easley 


PROP101-Prophetic Protocol-Core Course-3.0 Units
This course will help students discover and study the biblical guidelines for church prophecy, prophetic ministry, the prophet’s office, and God’s purpose for prophets today.  Course will address biblical prophetic protocol and the do’s and don'ts of prophetic ministry.  Course will lay foundation in their prophetic education teaching, personal life, and in the church assembly.  The class will discuss 100 Biblical principles and questions  that are important to every believer.  This course will definitely activate and stir the prophetic giftings and calling in the lives of the students
Required Textbooks:  Prophetic Protocol Manual by Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green and Prophet Cathy Fontenot and Developing Your Prophetic Calling by Graham Cooke, 10 Weeks
Recommended Books:  The Prophetic Dictionary by Dr. Paula Price and  Receiving the Word of the Lord by Chuck Pierce


EV101-World Religions and Introduction to Apologetics-Core Course-3.0 Units
It has been said that the USA is a great melting pot for the people of the world.  It is important to study the various world religions to make sure we understand what we believe and what they also teach and preach.  This class is foundational to every Bible student, preacher, pastor and teacher of God’s Word.   Students will look at historical, theological, and apologetic viewpoints of Biblical theology.
Required Textbook:  Paths of Faith by John A. Hutchison, 10 Weeks
Suggested Reading:  The Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin


PC101-Who Counsels the Counselor?-Core Course 3.0 Units
This course will teach on how to protect the minister against burnout- by Apostle Ivory Hopkins.  The purpose of this course is to touch the hearts of the fivefold ministry gifts-to bless them and speak strength and courage into the lives of students.  Through this course, the Holy Spirit will bring healing and counsel to those who minister to the body of Christ.  When people come to us for prayer it is called ministry, but when a leader needs ministry it is often seen as them being weak.  This course will reveal WARNING SIGNS WHEN THE MINISTER NEEDS TO BE MINISTERED TO!  It will also explore how unhealed or undelivered areas in one's life can lead to sickness, emotional breakdown, or even death.
Required Reading: Who Counsels the Counselor by Ivory Hopkins, 10 Weeks

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