Founder & West Coast Chancellor


Apostle Ivory L. Hopkins is the founder and overseer of Pilgrims' Ministry of Deliverance, Inc. in Georgetown, Delaware, which he and his wife Evelyn founded in 1983.  Since that time, the church has become one of the largest, fastest growing churches in the area.  Besides being a full-time pastor, Apostle Hopkins travels extensively throughout the United States and foreign countries ministering in his own special, unique way resulting in thousands of changed lives. He flows powerfully in the ministry of deliverance, the prophetic, and in church structure.

Apostle Hopkins holds a Masters of Christian Ministry Degree from Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary in Queenstown, Maryland.  He has authored several books on deliverance, and various other Christian topics.  In addition to traveling, ministering, and writing, Apostle Hopkins owns and operates a church bookstore, audio and video media ministry, oversees several churches, and is on the Advisory Board for many others.  

Apostle Hopkins is married to Evelyn Cooper Hopkins and has been blessed with two children, Ivory and Jacqueline.

Prophetic Word Regarding RDU  

​January 24, 2010

First from coast to coast and then the nations, saith God - through all means available: publication,  media and internet - forming an army of warriors who will be armed and dangerous. 

This will I use to execute my judgment against the enemy and bring the captives out of captivity and liberty to those that are bruised and wounded and release those who have been held captive to ignorance, by bringing them into the knowledge and wisdom of the purpose of God.

This I will use to reap in the harvest of souls, by activating the sleeping giant that will be stirred and brought forth by the vision I have placed upon RDU for my glory saith God. Unto you that are my leaders and pioneers of purpose I unify your hearts and spirit for such a time as this and will build a sure house and foundation with this university as long as I am exalted and honored in all that you do.  Walk in the spirit of unity and watch and see Me perform my purpose through yielding vessels.

God Bless You, Apostle Ivory Hopkins

Founder & East Coast Chancellor

 Apostle Ivory Hopkins


Apostle Dr. Jackie L. Green has answered the call of God upon her life to transform  the prayer lives of individuals, churches, cities and nations.  She is called to help those stuck in “tradition,”  and she preaches a fearless Gospel, to set the captives free.  She is a reformer, revelator and reconciler in the Body of Christ.  She was the first woman licensed in a 100 year old church, by the Second Baptist Church of Redlands.  in l992, She was ordained by the American Baptist Churches of the Pacific Southwest in 1994 and set as an apostle publically by JGM-Enternational in 2002.  She was ordained as a Bishop in June, 2006, by Archbishop Mark Dubois, of Judah International Ministries, of Mackinaw, Illinois, and has oversight  of seventeen ministries in the USA and ministries in Malawi, Africa under the  New Testament Council of Churches and Ministries (NTCCM). 
Dr. Green received her B.A. Degree from the State University of New York, her Master of Arts Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary of Pasadena, and her Doctor of Practical Ministry Degree from Wagner Leadership Institute of Colorado Springs, CO.  She is the Founder and Executive Minister of JGM-Enternational PrayerLife Institute, now celebrating it’s 20th year as Founder and Overseer; Founder of New Generation Christian Fellowship Church of Phoenix, Arizona, Jackie Green Publishing, and RDU (Rapha Deliverance University).  As First Lady she assist her husband as Executive Pastor on the pastoral team where she and her husband have served  for over twenty eight  years at the Second Baptist Church of Redlands, California.

She has traveled thus far and ministered in 40 states, seven nations abroad , twice to  Lilongwe and Blantyre, Malawi, Africa, then to  Peru, Argentina (South America), Amsterdam, Holland, Jerusalem, Israel and Winnipeg, Canada.  Bishop Green’s ministry has affected the State of Arizona as founder of Prayer Quake Statewide Prayer Movement and Founder of S.M.A.R.T. (Spiritual Mapping Arizona Research Team) in l996 and she served on an intercessory prayer group for Governor Janet Napolitano for two years before her appointment by President Obama in 2008 as Director of Homeland Security.  In August 2012, she planted the first overseas RDU Satellite in Malawi, Africa.  She has led various prayer movements through the State of California.

Her most recent publications are: Vanguard of Visions and Dreams,  The Hurt Lady, A Spiritual Warfare Manual for Women, The Hurt Man, When She Hears the Call, Spurned Into Apostleship and The NOW Woman,  which are helping to mature the Body of Christ today.  She has been married to Pastor Anthony W. Green for 42 years and counting, and they are the parents of four young adults (Lyz, Joel, Joseph and Joshua) all in the ministry for the Lord, 13 grand seeds, and numerous spiritual sons and daughters.  She resides in Redlands, California with her family and also has a residence in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green


I am honored God chose me to birth RDU.  It has been a blessed journey that unfolds one day at a time, one conference at a time and even one faith walk at a time!  RAPHA is the Hebrew word for the verb "rapa" which means to heal, make healthy, restore and is one of the names used to describe God.

Rapha encompasses: 

  • healing of the infirm person (Jeremiah 17:14) 
  • the restoration of a nation (Isaiah 6:10, Hosea 6:1)
  • healing sicknesses (Deuteronomy 28:27)
  • wounds (2 Kings 8:29) to faithlessness (Jeremiah 3:22

We thank God that you have been led by the Holy Spirit to consider RDU as the school to transform your life and align you all the more with your calling and destiny. We are committed to academic excellence and equipping many generations by the Spirit of the Lord to take  “balanced” deliverance and healing to their generation.  It is our prayer to carry out the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ with no short cuts.  

It is our mission and mandate to “Take the Whole Gospel to the Whole World.”  Thank you for growing with us and fulfilling God’s vision for your life. We decree kingdom advancement, accelerated grace and power into your future as you assist RDU with transforming the world with the Kingdom of God!  

God Bless You, Bishop Dr. Jackie L. Green

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