RDU (God's University)



RDU has three potential scholarships.  Contact admissions for more information on how to apply.  The scholarships are as follows:

  • The Jackie Green Transformers Scholarship
  • The Brenda E. Davis Pastors and Prophets Scholarship
  • The Ivory Hopkins “Balanced Deliverance” Scholarship Award

A nonrefundable application fee is required.


RDU- Application Fee- $50.00  for Undergraduate

RDU -Application Fee- $75.00 for Graduate Level

RDU-Application Fee-$100.00 for Doctoral Level

Upon official admissions to RDU a deposit of $200.00 will activate

the student account and will be applied toward their account.

RDU Admissions Fee
RDU Application Fee


Earning a college degree can be an unforgettable learning experience.  For many students, the journey from enrollment to graduation day includes both challenges and life-changing achievements.  To help working adults get the most from their experience, we assign each student a Graduation Team that can offer each student support with enrollment, academic, and financial matters.  These dedicated support teams include:

Enrollment Advisors
Your Enrollment Advisor will work with you to develop a personalized education plan designed to help meet your academic goals and balance your life commitments.  She or he will also guide you through the application process and answer important questions related to:

  • Degree programs

  • Course schedules

  • Forms and fees

  • Credit transfers

  • Student orientations

  • Learning assessments

Finance Advisor:  Finance Your Education and be Debt Free
Your Finance Advisor will talk to you about financing your college education.  We want students to be debt free when they complete their degree plan.  RDU has no loan programs.  There are no student loan build up fees.  Students will pay as they go.  If scholarship monies are available, students may apply.  Students may also set up payment plans with the university.

Cash Payment/or Credit Card
Our Cash Plan allows students to pay for their education on a course-by-course basis. With this plan, all tuition and electronic course material fees must be paid before the start of each course.

Academic Advisor
Your Academic Advisor can offer you the tools and information you need to make the most of your educational experience.  She or he will guide you through your academic program, and provide you with personalized schedules showing the classes you need to take and when.  Your Academic Advisor can also answer your questions about important academic-related matters, including:

  • Grades

  • Courses

  • Schedules

  • Instructors

  • Attendance


Receive credit for your previous college experience.
RDU is committed to supporting working adults with previous college experience.  We have a number of options for students looking to transfer their earned credits to our institution.

National and international credit transfers
RDU evaluates courses and degree programs from regionally and nationally accredited institutions from across the United States.  We also perform internal evaluations of academic records submitted from most international colleges and universities.

Transfer policies and information
Students may be able to transfer previously earned credits to RDU.  These credits may be used toward the completion of a any degree program offered at our institution. In order to receive credit for a course, a student must have earned a grade C or higher.  Although students may be credited for previous college coursework, they may need to earn additional credits through RDU in order to fulfill certain program requirements. Semester credits will be converted to our quarter system. English translations are required for academic records issued in other languages. RDU will accept translations from the issuing institution or an official translation service.  We may also use internal certified translators for French- and Spanish-language records.

National testing programs
Students who pass national testing program examinations may acquire undergraduate transfer credit.

Military experience
RDU supports the educational goals of military personnel.  Our Credit Recognition Program allows service members to use their military training and experience to assist them in earning an Associate of Arts degree or enter other undergraduate programs at the University.  

All courses that were completed at an RDU Satellite prior to January 1, 2016 will receive full credit with the university if proof of attendance and course completion is provided.  Please complete the following form so we can assess your credits. 

After January 1, 2016, Satellite courses will be assessed at the full course cost per credit unit depending on the degree matriculation.

All RDU Satellite students may audit courses (for non-credit) at $50.00 per course. This will include the course syllabus. 

All RDU Satellite students who are working toward a degree will be assessed for regular RDU course fees.  Students must apply and will be considered an RDU continuation student.  


To apply for RDU students must have the following requirements:

  • A high school diploma, GED, California High School Proficiency Examination certificate, or foreign secondary school equivalent.  Students who do not currently meet this requirement can arrange to take the GED through their state GED administrator’s office or search for the nearest GED testing center.

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or hold an approved, valid visa if attending a Satellite or  located in the United States.

  • Complete all required forms for admission, submit high school graduation documentation if you are a U.S. resident, and official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended.

  • Pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the Test of English as an International Communication (TOEIC), the Berlitz Online English Proficiency Exam or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) if a non-native speaker of English.

  • Ministry Life Experience Resume (can be awarded up to 6 credit units per year) with verification, certified RDU courses/conferences, and missions trips (up to 12 credit units) already taken through RDU or other missions organization must be submitted.

  • Three letters of recommendation (Ministry Recommendation, Professional recommendation,  and Pastoral recommendation).

For more information on admissions requirements for the program you are interested in, simply complete the interest form on the "Contact Us" webpage or email us at raphadeliveranceuniv@gmail.com.  


Admissions Fees Are Non-refundable!

Withdrawals:  Students may withdraw from a course and receive partial refund within the first two weeks of the quarter, plus the cost of the syllabus or other books they may have received from the university.




​Prospective Students
Being a prospective student means you are not currently completing a degree program with RDU:

  • You have never attended RDU

  • You completed the admissions paperwork more than six months ago but never completed the first course

  • You have not attended a course within the past 365 days

  • You are or have attended RDU Satellite Courses

 Current Students

  • A current student is in the process of completing a degree program with RDU

  • You are currently enrolled or attending 

  • You completed the admissions paperwork less than six months ago

  • You’ve attended a course within the past year​






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